-Criminal Background Check.

The Ohio Revised code requires a criminal back ground check for all prospective employees for positions where the individual will be caring for older adults or children.

All students enrolled in Balizza HCS programs must successfully complete a criminal back ground check as a criterion for participating in clinical courses.  The check must include fingerprinting and must be completed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII).  If a student has not been a resident of Ohio continuously for the previous five years, a Federal Bureau of Investigation is required.  The Criminal records check must be completed within twelve months immediately prior to the students’ entry into clinical courses.

Trainees are given all information including forms and a list of where background checks can be completed prior to the first day of class.  All trainees are required to have back ground checks and drug screens completed and results MUST be recived in prior to the first day of class. The clinical rotation or the trainee CANNOT participate in the clinical rotation.


Attendance -100% Attendance is required

  1. Trainees MUST attend all hours of the classroom and clinical components of this program
  2. Classroom hours missed MUST be made one hour for one hour and must match standards and lab practice skills missed. All classroom hours must be completed prior to the clinical rotation.
  3. Tardiness will also be considered when reviewing attendance. 1st episode is excused, 2nd episode you get verbal warning, 3rd episode you get written warning and addressed individually and could lead to dismissal from the class.
  4. Any trainee needing to be absent from a class or clinical must contact the Primary Instructor or Program Coordinator prior to the absence to be considered for a makeup session. With approval of the Program Coordinator, trainees who need to make up hours may attend another session, that covers the standards missed, if available or with personal one on one instruction at the trainee’s expense. Cost for this make up time would be $30 per hour.
  5. Trainees must have an 80% average on quizzes to take the final exam and an 80% on the final to go on to clinical rotation, pass the class and receive a certificate of completion.
    1. Grading Scale: A=93-100 B=86-92   C=80-85


TB Testing

All trainees are required to have a two-step tuberculin test completed prior to the first day of class. A copy of the test must be submitted to the instructor before the trainee can participate in the class. Trainees are given information on how and where to obtain the Tuberculin test prior to or on the first day of class.



Dress Code for Classroom

Light blue scrub top, Light blue scrub pants, gym shoes and nursing shoes are required while you are attending the classroom. 


Cell phone/electronic device use

  • Cell phone/electronic device is discouraged during the classroom and/clinical components of the STNA program.
  • Cell phones/electronic devices are not permitted in the testing area during a quiz/test or during post quiz/test review. Inappropriate/questionable use of electronic devices will be addressed by the individual Instructor at the time of the occurrence.


Confidentiality Statement

As a student/trainee participating in clinical learning experiences, the student/trainee must understand they may have access to confidential patient/resident or agency information for which they have a need to know.

The student/trainee agrees to:

  • Only access confidential information for which they have a need to know.
  • Only discuss confidential information with medical personnel involved in the professional care of the patient and only in patient-care areas and conference areas.
  • Not include any agency or client identifiers (hospital, room number, patient name, patient identification number, etc.) on any written course materials or assignments including patient care preparation sheets, care plans, ad journals.
  • Safeguard and not disclose any access code or other authorization I have that allows me to access confidential information.

Students/Trainee obligations under this agreement will continue after completion of the clinical learning experiences and after termination and/ or graduation from the STNA program.

Disregard of this policy will result in disciplinary action by the college which may include dismissal from the program and may also result in possible legal action by the patient, family and/ or the health care facility.


Exposure Control Guidelines

  1. Balizza HCS strongly recommends that students obtain adequate medical insurance coverage upon entry into the health career programs. It should be noted that some facilities the therefore some programs require students to have health insurance.
  2. Balizza HCS is responsible for informing students of potential infection hazards inherent in health education programs, including those that might pose additional risks to the student’s health.
  3. Students will be instructed in standard precautions and will be supervised in their clinical learning experiences.
  4. All Balizza HCS instructors and students are professionally the ethically obligated to provide client/patient care with compassion and respect for human dignity. No faculty or students may ethically refuse to care for a patient solely because the patient has an infectious disease.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to immediately report any education-related injury to their instructor who will assist them seeking prompt advice and emergent treatment if indicated and in filling out and submitting agency and Balizza HCS incident reports.
  6. If an education-related exposure occurs, students and faculty should follow the CDC and agency guidelines for testing and treatment.
  7. It is the student’s responsibility to cover the cost of any diagnostic or therapeutic measures recommended as a result of an accidental injury resulting from performing assigned responsibilities related to the course of study.


By signing this document, I acknowledge that I will abide by the following policies which have been explained to me in entirety. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions which have been answered to my satisfaction.

  1. STNA Attendance Policy (Grading Scale)
  2. Criminal Background Check and drug screen (information and copy of policy)
  3. Tuberculin Testing
  4. State Tested Nurse Aide Program Dress code
  5. Confidentiality Statement
  6. Exposure Control Guidelines


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